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This is Uta Meier-Hahn's website.

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What wearables have got to do with emancipation

Uta Meier-Hahn

On May 28, 2014, we had a panel discussion on wearables at the HIIG's "Digitaler Salon" event. I was invited to give a short introduction. My remarks as well as the discussion that follows are in German. If you do not understand German but are interested in wearables, I recommend you to read Donna Haraway's "Cyborg Manifesto". I refer to this text in my introduction because it reminds me of how important it is to explore the boundary zones of those dualisms that we are surrounded by. Human/technology is one of them. Wearables (can) prompt us to challenge this separation, so they open up a field for emancipation from dualisms and the exclusions they produce.